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Hospitality-specific accounting for properties of any size, style or type

Customizable .NET user interface

Document management

Multiproperty database supporting consolidation and comparison

Automatic creation of intercompany due to/from

Foreign currency enabled


Email-supported work flow approvals

Complete integration with Accounts Payable & General Ledger

Automatic inventory and expense account accrual

Bar code label creation & scanning

Track General Stores, Retail and Food & Beverage

Recipe Costing


Export any data to Excel Worksheets and Pivot Tables

User defined Daily Revenue & Daily Labor reporting

Unlimited Metrics and KPI’s

Output to Excel, PDF, HTML, CSV

Transaction drill down with attachments



Customer Profiles



Using our Collect/Manage/Visualize Methodology, Data Plus has provided successful solutions for Hotels and Management companies with varying management styles.



Entering data is slow and error prone. In working with our customers over the last 30 years, we have seen many situations where expensive manual labor was used to do what computers are designed to do quickly and accurately. Creating an integrated environment using the best tools and solutions available is a Data Plus strength.

Therefore we have an open policy of interfacing with other vendors through our “Free Interface Development ” program. We now have over 200 interfaces available to help you combine information from any source into our single database for easy reporting and inquiry.



Each client’s data is stored in their own Progress SQL-compliant relational database. Our hosting site is fully redundant and SSAE16 certified. Nightly offsite backups insure that your data is protected and safe from loss or corruption. Progress databases are known for their reliability, performance and scalability. The system architecture is based on a three-tiered design with User Interface, Business Logic and Database levels following best practices of future proof system design.

Security is robust and granular to support any management structure from publicly held corporations to small boutique hotels. Users have as much or as little data access as company policy dictates including property restriction in multiproperty environments.



We realize that in today’s competitive hotel environment, users need actionable information easily accessed on a timely basis. Waiting until the end of the month to realize that labor costs are over budget is too late. Our goal is to provide the users with the self-service tools that they need to produce reports and dashboards from any location on any device in near real-time. Our DPAnalytics product continues to grow in capability combining all of the data from multiple systems into an information portal that requires no data manipulation by the user and no additional software services provider.

“You folks have really got the installation process down to something smooth and painless. I’m sure it has something to do with a lot of experience and practice, but those won’t do it unless there is a great team.”

Controller - Carribean Resort

Customer since 2001


Onboarding Process

1. Requirement Analysis

The Data Plus Project Manager involves the Implementation Team in working closely with the customer to determine how the software is to be configured. As with all sophisticated software, there are many options and workflows available. Bringing together the customer’s goals and objectives with the capabilities of the Data Plus system is the role of the Project Manager. The Data Plus Project Manager  both understands the capabilities of the software, and has a deep knowledge of accounting and the Hospitality industry.

2. Interface Configuration

During the development and implementation of our over 200 interfaces, we have developed a process that insures a successful outcome. Working with other vendors to insure the data exchanges are properly formatted and delivered reliably is a hallmark of the Data Plus Onboarding process. Because interfaces impact workflows and the assigned responsibilities of the users’ staff, we understand that implementations vary as to the degree of automation. Therefore, we automate the process, recognizing that no two organizations work exactly the same way.

3. Data Loading

For an operating business, converting and loading historical data is an important task that needs to be highly accurate and cost effective. In its more than 30 years of business, Data Plus has successfully managed hundreds of data conversions using a large toolkit of utilities. Many of these are self-service, allowing the customer to control costs while pruning obsolete information. The Data Plus system is delivered with a full set of the 11th Edition of the Uniform System of Accounts statement templates. Financial statements can be quickly based on either the customer’s Chart of Accounts or Data Plus’ 11th Edition standard.

4. Training

We consider application training to be an ongoing process that continues even after the system is in production. Staff turnover, new system features and solving problems all require that the Data Plus Support team continue to provide training. While today, most training is provided via webinar, onsite training is available upon request at the same price. Training commences once the customer’s database is built using their converted data as we find that people learn the system more quickly if they are working with familiar information. Ongoing training is an integral part of the support services provided at no additional costs with scheduled blocks of formal training available at a nominal hourly fee.




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